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Indispensable Artist

Ceramic paint pan

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I created these ceramic paint pans to fill them up with my hand made watercolors. I didn’t want to use plastic anymore for my watercolors and gouache. Fun fact: They are the exact size to fit into Costco size Ferraro Roche Box! They can be washed completely clean even if it’s a staining color. For size reference you can easily fill it equal to a full plastic pan or more. A set of 3 easily fits into standard size Altoid tin for plein air painting.

Shipping and returns:

All sales are final. If the item arrives broken let me know and I'll see what I can do it about it. The shipping may seem excessive but that's what it costs me to ship ceramics as they are heavy. If I get any discount on shipping. I'll refund that amount to your mode of payment :)