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Indispensable Artist

Indispensable Artist palette (Large)

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I made this palette for those artist friends who wanted my palettes but used oil or acrylics so they needed a flat palette with huge mixing area and no wells. You can still use watercolors on it. It's versatile.  So I made this palette in the shape of my regular palette but bigger in size with no wells. Therefor you can use this for acrylics or oils easily and they should scrape off easily.

All palettes will ship with clear bumpers on the bottom so your table doesn't scratch.

Materials and care:

The palettes are made with stoneware clay and fired to Cone 6. Wash them with water and they'll become stain free ( if you use water based paints or mediums). Hand washing will prolong the life of your Ceramics so I highly recommend that. Even though it's dishwasher safe, I don't recommend it because I don't want your food utensils and dinnerware to be contaminated with even a little trace of paint.

Shipping and returns:

All sales are final. If the item arrives broken let me know and I'll see what I can do it about it. The shipping may seem excessive but that's what it costs me to ship ceramics as they are heavy. If I get any discount on shipping. I'll refund that amount to your mode of payment :)