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The mini bar

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This is palette is a variation of my Bar palette but smaller hence named Mini bar. It has 6 wells and is small enough to even slide in a pencil pouch to carry it around. Carving around the edge has been my new favorite technique now so I gave it the same carved border.  I love how the clay peeks through the glaze in some areas to give it more character. The color of the glaze is almost toasty white so you can see the true colors of the paint easily. 

The beauty of the ceramic palette is in the small imperfections that you see which shows the marks of the maker. No two palettes are same even if it's the same design because these aren't mass produced. They are made in small batches by me. You can use them for any medium. Even cake decorating! I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did in making them and using them.

All palettes will ship with clear bumpers on the bottom so your table doesn't scratch.

Materials and care:

The palettes are made with stoneware clay and fired to Cone 6. Wash them with water and they'll become stain free ( if you use water based paints or mediums). Hand washing will prolong the life of your Ceramics so I highly recommend that. Even though it's dishwasher safe, I don't recommend it because I don't want your food utensils and dinnerware to be contaminated with even a little trace of paint.

In case of acrylics or oils, try to not let the paints dry in the palette if you can, specially the wells. You can find multiple tutorials online on how to keep you paints wet. I've personally done that and was able to keep them wet for a couple of weeks. In case it dries on the flat area you can spray it with windex. Let it sit for a bit and scrape it with a scraper. I can't guarantee if it'll effect the glaze layer or not. So do it at your own risk ;)